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Meet Carlos Perez:
Carlos is a musical professional from Kissimmee, FL. Born and raised in Puerto rico, he grew up passionate about music and performing, and learned to mix and beat-match at 14 years old. Soon enough, he became the DJ for many local parties in his neighborhood. Carlos took some time off to pursue and achieve a degree in Hospitality Management, but never forgetting about his true passion for music and entertainment. Then, he decided to go back and pursue music professionally. Over the past 6 years, he has further his knowledge with the industry by attending countless classes and seminars. Over his career, Carlos quickly felt his love for weddings grow. It brings him joy knowing that the bride and the groom are having the time of their lives. Carlos brings a lot of excitement, fun, and enthusiasm to all our events, working hard to ensure success and creating unforgettable memories for all his clients. Carlos is the heart of Blissful Beat Entertainment.
– Karen Rodriguez
Meet Karen Rodriguez:

Karen is a super mom of two and an outstanding wife. She does whatever it takes to make everyone happy. She enjoys life, likes to have fun, and is an awesome person.

She has a strong customer service background as she has worked in one of the most famous theme parks for over 15 years. She is a task oriented person who loves completing anything in front of her with a huge smile in her face. Karen is a people’s person. She loves arts and music which helps adding and creating new things within our company. Karen is involved in the planning and coordinating of all of our events ensuring success for our clients as she makes the initiative to relate with all the vendors within our events. Karen is the mind behind Blissful Beat Entertainment.

– Carlos Perez
Blissful Beat
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